Online Books

The author has used AS TE R to read the following books. The electronic sources were made available to him by their authors and publishers. These books proved invaluable as online references and also allowed us to test AS TE R on a sufficiently large collection of documents.

Table B.1: Online books read using AS TE R.

Text Author

Lisp Patrick Winston and Bertold Horn

Structure and Interpretation Harold Abelson and
of Computer Programs Gerald Sussman

Paradigms of AI Programming Peter Norvig

LATEX A Document Preparation System Leslie Lamport

The Design and Analysis of Algorithms Dexter C. Kozen

Matrix Computations Charles Van Loan and Gene Golub

Computational Framework for Charles Van Loan
the Fast Fourier Transform

Algebraic Computation Richard Zippel

Mathematica: A Practical Reference Nancy Blachman

A Logical Approach to David Gries and
Discrete Mathematics Fred Schneider

Nonlinear Optimization: Steve Vavasis
Computational Issues

Topics in Commutative Ring Theory Irving Kaplansky

Ouvres Mathematiques d’Evarist Galois English translation

Introduction to Brian Kernighan and
C Programming and Dennis Ritchie

AWK Brian Kernighan

A C++ Primer Stanley B. Lippman

CS611 Programming Languages Lecture notes

CS681 Design and Dexter Kozen
Analysis of Algorithms Lecture Notes

Bulletins of the AMS (American Mathematical Society)

The works by Kaplansky and Galois were made available by Prof. Keith Dennis of the Mathematics department.