Chapter 1
XForms And Accessibility

 1.1 XForms Enables Universal Access
 1.2 Design Principles For Accessible Interfaces
  1.2.1 Content Should Encapsulate Relevant Metadata
  1.2.2 Separate Content From Layout And Presentation
  1.2.3 Ensure That Content Can Be Refactored
  1.2.4 Ensure That Rich Content Degrades Gracefully
  1.2.5 Avoid Device-specific Events
  1.2.6 User Interfaces Should Exhibit Predictable Behavior
  1.2.7 Allow For Late Binding Of Interaction Behavior
  1.2.8 Enable Centralized Event Handling
  1.2.9 Raise Notification Events For Key State Changes
  1.2.10 Provide Hooks For Attaching Special Behavior
  1.2.11 Use Declarative Handlers In Favor Of Scripts
 1.3 Leveraging XForms Accessibility Features
  1.3.1 XForms Creates Accessible Content
  1.3.2 Accessibility In Style
  1.3.3 Accessibility Through Eventing
  1.3.4 User Agent Guidelines For Leveraging XForms Accessibility
  1.3.5 Accessing XForms Features From Adaptive Technologies
 1.4 XForms Accessibility At A Glance