Chapter 6
Related Work

This chapter presents a review of the published literature relevant to our work. In producing audio renderings, we draw on prior work on structured electronic documents and the use of speech and non-speech audio in computer interfaces.

Section 6.1 introduces work on recognizing document structure. We outline ongoing work on marking up document structure unambiguously and translating between different document encodings. Section 6.2 covers prior and ongoing work in the innovative use of audio in human-computer interaction.

 6.1 Electronic Documents
  Marking Up Document Structure
  Translating between Different Markup Languages
  Recognizing Document Logical Structure
  Mathematical Notation
 6.2 Summary of Work in Audio Interfaces
  Speech Synthesis
  Audio as a Data-Type
  Non-Speech Audio in User Interfaces
  Information Presentation in Audio
  Information Browsing
  Browsing Digitized Audio/Video Data