Appendix A

This chapter documents the different modules of AS TE R. The entire system is about 33,000 lines of LISP-CLOS code, and documenting each function here would make this appendix prohibitively long. Therefore, only those commands that will be used by a general user are documented.

 A.1 Setting Up AS TE R
  Hardware Requirements
  Software Environment
 A.2 The Recognizer
 A.3 AFL
  A.3.1 The Total Audio Space
  A.3.2 The Speech Component
  A.3.3 The Non-Speech Audio Component
 A.4 Rendering Information Structure
  A.4.1 Processing the Quasi-Prefix Form
  A.4.2 Rendering Rules and Styles
 A.5 The Browser
  Current Position
  Moving in the Browser
  Rendering in the Browser
  Cross References
 A.6 Some CLOS Terminology
  CLOS Concepts
 Using CLOS