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Information browsing

  With the advent of remote access systems to information databases, the need for effective browsing techniques has received attention in several research projects. Notable among these is Paul Resnick's PhD work [Res92] at MIT. His thesis proposes a flexible model for quick and effective information browsing by modeling the information structure as a series of linked lists.

Structure-based browsing has been in vogue in the hypertext community for several years. Many results from this area are directly relevant to information browsing in audio. Notable among these is the work in defining Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), a hypertext analogue to SGML. The World-Wide Web (WWW), an HTML-based hypertext information retrieval system is widely used on the Internet. WWW browsers allow a user to quickly access a wide variety of information sources. The Webb currently contains textual as well as audio and video resources. At present, only primitive browsing of audio/video data is possible, since there is very little structure available in digitized audio/video data.

TV Raman
Thu Mar 9 20:10:41 EST 1995