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Information presentation in audio

Work in speech synthesis and linguistics has considered the problem of presenting information using speech. The question of achieving the right intonational structure is addressed by [WH91][Hir90b][Hir90a][Hir91][HW91][PH90][HLPW87][HW84][HP86][Pie81][DH88][Gro86]. See [ZP86][OKDA73][Str78][LOS76] for an analysis of the intonational cues used by human speakers when speaking mathematical expressions. A set of guidelines for presenting spoken mathematics is outlined in [Cha83] and has been used by the Recordings for the Blind (RFB) in producing mathematical texts in talking book format.

Presenting information orally can be applied in several different situations. In [Dav89], a system for providing oral instructions to an automobile driver is described. Refer to [DS90][DS89][Dav88][DT87] for related work on this project.

TV Raman
Thu Mar 9 20:10:41 EST 1995