EmapSpeak (MapDog) --- Talking Map Directions From Emacspeak Via Google Maps

For Immediate Release

San Jose, CA, (February 18, 2005)
EmapSpeak (MapDog) --- Talking Map Directions From Emacspeak Via Google Maps

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Emacspeak Inc (NASDOG: ESPK) announces the immediate world-wide availability of EmapSpeak (MapDog) --a powerful audio desktop tool for leveraging the wonderful resource provided by Google Maps.

What Is It?

The DHTML interface to Google Maps is difficult to access for someone using a speech-output interface. This tool uses the embeded XML metadata delivered by the Google Maps application to generate an audio-formatted representation of the content.


  1. Obtain location of a specified business near a given address.
  2. Obtain step-by-step directions between two given locations.

How To Obtain And Use EmapSpeak

The Emacspeak Google Maps tool (MapDog) is presently available from the Emacspeak CVS repository and will be bundled with the next major Emacspeak release. Here are brief usage instructions:

You will need a correctly configured installation of Emacs W3, as well as a relatively new installation of xsltproc to be able to use this feature.