Toward Accessible Search

T. V. Raman

July 23, 2010




The Core Value Of Search

Core Value Of Search

Effective, timely access to relevant information!


Ensure rapid task completion.


Deliver results as quickly as possible.


Interpret query, and rank results.

Effective Information Access

Metric: Task Completion

Timely Information Access

Metric: Time to completion.

Relevant Information Access

Metric: Successful task completion.—

Accessibility And Search


Serve users in the long tail!

  Information Retrieval

Serve content in the long tail.


Serve users in the long tail.

Goal: Rapid task completion.

Accessibility Challenges

Serving User Needs

Serving users in the long tail:

Retrieve, format and serve result appropriately.

Experiment: Google Accessible Search

Google Accessible Search

Observations that led to Accessible Search:

Experiment: Use accessibility as a secondary metric.

What We Built

Classifier computed an accessibility score in the range [-1,1]

Delivering Accessible Search

Success Metric: Timely task completion.

Lessons Learnt

Why Accessible Search remains a Labs experiment:

Consequence: Accessible Search is not used heavily.

Accessible View

Efficient UI for rapid task completion.

Accessible Views is an opt-in UI experiment.

Search And Ubiquitous Access

Mobile Access

Challenge: Rapid task completion on mobile devices.

Mobile: Just a different access challenge!

Eyes-Free Android And Search

1Vox —Your voice is my command!

Role Of Search In HCI

Search And HCI

Accessibility: A band-width problem!

Search is crucial to effective human-computer interaction!

Search And Eyes-Free Interaction

Search enables immediate random access!

What Is UI?

        Applicatio n

I                        O

           User  dataresultintentionattention

Search In User Interfaces

What is a user interface anyway?

Good Search = Light-weight User Interface

Redefining Accessible Search

Watch Access Take Off!

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