Access To Cloud Computing
Challenge And Opportunity

T. V. Raman

November 12, 2009




The Access Challenge

Web Apps: Advantages

Hosted Web applications enable:

Today’s access technologies do not fit this model.

The Impedance Mismatch

Major shift in application deployment model

App model shift requires shift in AT.


When Web Apps And Desktop Screen-readers Collide

Ubiquitous Access

The Access Challenge

What Does Accessible Mean?

Access Goals

Important to go beyond the status-quo

Building Blocks

(Content, UA, AT)

Building Spoken Feedback

Building Speech Access

What To Speak

How To Speak

Treat spoken output as a first-class citizen.

When To Speak

Speech is silvern, but silence is golden!

The Access Opportunity

Web Application Model

Shift away from monolithic applications

The Access Opportunity

Separation of interaction from data:

One size no longer need fit everyone

New Adaptive Technologies

New opportunities for AT :

This generation of AT will be user-driven.

Mashing It Up With Web APIs

Web APIs

Separation of content from interaction:

What is the access equivalent of a mashup?

Essence Of A Mashup

Syndicate data sources into a custom UI

Ubiquitous, Any Time Access

Mobile Access

User Interfaces that match User Needs!



Watch Computing Take Off!

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