Web 2.0 And Beyond

T. V. Raman

Rich Web Applications

Built out of Web parts
  • Content aggregators —feed-readers
  • Content integrators —Web mash-ups

Web 2.0 should have been called Web2


What Comes After Web 2.0?

Web2 brought about by
  • Pairwise combination of Web content
  • Asynchronous data retrieval
  • Incremental page updates
  • Custom views based on delivery context

Look forward to more than Web3!


What Comes After Web 2.0

Integrate over all Web content

Let 𝒲 denote set of all Web content.

Integrating over (w ∈𝒲) gives

The Web every which way you want!


Web 2.0 And Beyond

The Web, every which way you want!
  • Mash-ups that aggregate data
  • Mash-ups that provide multiple views
  • Mash-ups that mash-up mash-ups


Pre-requisites For Getting There

2𝒲 will not come for free.
  • RESTful application access
  • Separation of interaction logic from data
  • Open standards for open content


Watch The Web Take Off!