What Comes After Web 2.0?

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In early October, I gave a talk at UW entitled The Web The Way You Want. One of the key thoughts underlying this 45 minute talk was to ask the question What comes after Web 2.0?

2W: The Second Coming Of The Web

I gave a lightning talk on the above topic at the W3C Technical Plenary in November 2007 in Boston — it's the final lightning talk in session 7. As a good example of late-binding I used a subset of the slides from the UW talk, set to a completely different set of utterances that communicate the same underlying ideas — you can here the lightning talk extracted from the audio recordings made available by the W3C. Note that the transcripts available on the W3C site made from the realtime captioning stream miss a lot of content. The talk was extensively discussed on the IRC channel and was blogged about by various participants, for a sample, see Mathematical Integral Equation For Web Versioning.