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Using the full power of AsTeR


This section demonstrates some advanced features of AsTeR that are useful when rendering complex documents. AsTeR recognizes cross-references and allows the listener to traverse these as hypertext links. Cross-referenceable objects can be labeled interactively, and these labels can be used when referring to such objects within renderings. The ability to switch among rendering rules enables multiple views and allows the listener to quickly locate portions of interest in a document. By activating rendering rules, all instances of a particular object can be floated to the end of the containing hierarchical unit, e.g., all footnotes can be floated to the end of a paragraph. This is convenient when getting a quick overview of a document. AsTeR also provides a simple bookmark facility for marking positions of interest to be returned to later. Finally, AsTeR can be interfaced with sources of structured information other than electronic documents. Later, we demonstrate this by interfacing AsTeR to the Emacs calculator.

TV Raman
Thu Mar 9 20:10:41 EST 1995