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Using pauses

The audio dimensions are supplemented by using pauses around subexpressions to indicate grouping. The duration of the pause is based on the weight of a subexpression (See s:post_processing for details on weight of an object, a complexity measure). If the weight of an object is [tex2html_wrap5728], then no pause is inserted; otherwise the weight of the object is scaled by a constant factor given by *pause-around-child* to determine the number of milliseconds of pause to be inserted around the rendering.

Using the above, AsTeR speaks [tex2html_wrap5730] unambiguously by inserting a pause around the fraction. No pause is inserted in rendering the simple expression [tex2html_wrap5732], when it occurs by itself. Inserting a pause here is unnecessary and would have an adverse stuttering effect on the speech.

TV Raman
Thu Mar 9 20:10:41 EST 1995