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Rendering documents

  This section assumes that AsTeR has been installed and initialized. (See a:setup for details of the software and hardware configuration.) At this point, text within any file being visited in Emacs (in general, text in any Emacs buffer) can be rendered in audio. To listen to a piece of text, mark it using standard Emacs commands and invoke read-aloud-region[+]. This results in the marked text being audio formatted using a standard rendering style. The text can constitute an entire document or book; it could also be a short paragraph or a single equation from a document -AsTeR renders both partial and complete documents. This is the simplest and also the most common type of interaction with AsTeR .

The input may be plain ASCII text; in this case, AsTeR will recognize the minimal document structure present -e.g., paragraph breaks and quoted text. On the other hand, La)TeX markup helps AsTeR recognize more of the logical structure and, as a consequence, produce more sophisticated renderings.

TV Raman
Thu Mar 9 20:10:41 EST 1995