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No one knows you're not a dog! Nor if you're still the same dog! Or even the same gender!      T. V. Raman
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I am T. V. Raman on Google-Plus; I Blog on a variety of topics using handle tv.raman.tv on Blogger, and Tweet using handle tvraman on Twitter. You can follow my publications via my Google Scholar Profile.

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Note that I am not from Pakistan as claimed by this hacked Wikipedia page..

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My Guiding Eyes

Aster Labrador: February 15, 1987 -- December 5, 1999

I obtained my first guide-dog, Aster Labrador, a strong and energetic female black Labrador from Guiding Eyes in January 1990 --you will see her prominently featured in all of my work during the 1990's. Here is Aster Labrador's WWW site. Aster worked for 10 full years and was with me through the 1990's.

Hubbell (Bubbles)Labrador:December 21, 1997 -- April 11, 2011

Aster II --a bubbling young yellow Labrador named Hubbell (Bubbles) graduated from Guiding Eyes in February 2000; here is Bubbles' WWW site. While at Guiding Eyes in February 2000, I wrote a short guide-dog work FAQ; I also wrote up a daily log of what we did in class each day. Bubbles worked for 11 years and 2 months, and went to sleep peacefully on April 11, 2011 at 13:42 PDT. You can read Bubbles life story in her own words on this blog.

Tilden Labrador

Guide-dog 3 Tilden Labrador, a strong male yellow Labrador with a large and level head. You can read about his arrival in the The Tilden Diary, and follow his life in pictures.